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This England (2022) Sky Atlantic Review - Kenneth Branagh Stars As Boris Johnson

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Published: 28 September 2022 (4 months ago)
Author: Screen OD

This England stars Kenneth Branagh as Boris Johnson in a drama inspired by the events of the early months of his time as Prime Minister and the COVID-19 pandemic that greeted him and his team as he struggled with personal and political difficulties.

Our This England review concludes that this is a difficult-to-watch drama for people who were affected by the Pandemic and despite having some excellent performances from Branagh, Ophelia Lovibond as Carrie Symonds and Andrew Buchan as Matt Hancock to name but a few - this is a drama that will divide people's opinions.

Made by filmmaker Michael Winterbottom, the drama looks at what might have happened behind closed doors at a time when the country - and the world - was in turmoil.

This England is available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.

*Apologies - the on-screen credits have a typo saying This IS England*

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